Private local water source

March 2021

The water project is progressing steadily: after several attempts to drill deep enough, in which several drills failed, water has now been found at a depth of 7 meters! The well is close to a river, which is why there seems to be quite a bit of water in the bottom.

Now there is still 800 meters of pipeline to be laid to the grounds of the sisters. The necessary provisions have already been made there to store the water, so the sisters hope to have enough water for their home, guest house and schools within the foreseeable future!

Reason for gratitude!

Found water!
Water tanks

July 2020

The water supply at the deaconesses’ grounds leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately, most measures tried in recent years were not really successful. That is why we are now working on a plan to drill our own water source. hydraulic engineer Jos Joosse is closely involved in this project and collaborates with the Rwandan organization Water Access Rwanda. Implementation is expected to start this summer.

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