P010 Postcard workshop

The challenge

The community designs and produces postcards in African style. The cards are handmade from authentic local materials like banana leaves and glue from manioc flowers. The craftsmen and women are thus self-sufficient. The margin goes to the deaconesses and is used for the most vulnerable people in the area.


Cards can be ordered all year round from 20 pieces. One card costs € 2,50 .


You will receive a discount for larger quantities:
from 50 pieces, 10%;
from 500 pieces, 15%;
from 1000 pieces, 20%.

Each card comes with a flyer so the receiver knows that by sending the card a special purpose is served.

Besides the cards, the deaconesses now also make coloured necklaces of different lengths. If you are interested please contact info@zustersinrwanda.nl.

The deaconesses thank the customers and all the people who support them, especially the community of sisters in Amerongen and the Stichting Vrienden van Zusters in Rwanda (Foundation Friends of Sisters in Rwanda) who make it possible for the products to reach distant countries. This project contributes eight percent to the operational budget of the community Abaja ba Kristo in Rwanda.

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