P006 Baby project

The challenge

But, partly because of bad living circumstances and stress, sufficient milk production is not possible for every mother. Especially when it comes to twins (which is very common!), the breastfeeding is often not enough.

In addition, the mother of several babies died.


The deaconesses help the (foster) mothers with money, making it possible for them to buy milk. Every month mothers come with their babies to the deaconesses and meet there. They receive instructions about, for example, the preparation of the milk and good hygiene.

Furthermore, the weight of the babies is monitored and their physical and mental development is registered.

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After 4 years of aid

Usually it is mainly mothers with twins who ask for help. They are the first to experience insufficient breastfeeding.
Recently, a number of mothers came to visit the sisters with their twins. They had received help four years ago and now wanted to show how well their children are doing!
It was beautiful to see how grateful these mothers were and how healthy their children looked! They expressed their gratitude by singing a song and presenting a gift.

We are looking for sponsors for this project, so that the sisters can continue with this beautiful work!

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Project manager

Sister Marthe Nyirabyabuze



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