Visit from Michèle and Joke

Last May we were able to spend three weeks within the sister community in Rubengera. What a wonderful, valuable, hopeful, loving and inspiring time that was. The sincere attention to everything and everyone from, by and for the sisters and the wonderful other encounters have touched us and we carry them home with us in our hearts.

The variety of projects and talents of each individual sister has been making a significant difference to many people in Rubengera for almost 40 years. Sister Dorien and sister Marie-Louise told us about the current and previous intense challenges/events that the sister community has faced. Sr. Anke’s name was often mentioned.

The immense challenge of starting the much-needed trauma center in Kigali also impressed us.

We would like to remain actively involved with the sisters in Rwanda.

Warm regards,

Michèle Timmermans and Joke Faber

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