P009 Training of male and female farmers

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The challenge

Rwanda has fertile soil, usually enough rain and enough available labor to obtain good production from the land. However, the agricultural parcels are small and the farmers and female farmers are often lacking knowledge to obtain sufficient production from the land in a sustainable manner.


In order to train these farmers, an agricultural training was set up. For this training the deaconesses made an area available of approximately 8 hectares. Every year about 150 people are selected who will be helped the most by this training. The number of women per group is large. The course contains many elements: besides everything that has to do with agriculture, it also teaches hygiene, AIDS prevention, family planning, budgeting and – extremely important in Rwanda – reconciliation and cooperation.

The participants form self-help groups to share knowledge and to realise small projects.

Kerk in Actie sponsors this training and local teachers provide lessons.

Project manager

Sister Pauline Muhawenimana



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