Support fund Indatwa School

The government considers it important that children receive education from the age of three or four, but does not provide any subsidies for this… The parents therefore have to pay the school fees themselves, which means that the poorest children do not receive primary school education.



That is why the sisters decided to select at least 30% of the number of students from the poorest families and to set up a fund and look for sponsors. For just €25.00 per month, a child’s uniform, school materials and a meal can be paid for.

Information about this support fund can be requested from the Friends of Sisters Foundation in Rwanda, e-mail:

Self-help groups

To improve the living conditions, the parents form groups that meet regularly to discuss all kinds of matters concerning their situation. Each group has a piggy bank into which each participant deposits a small amount of money. If a participant has a good project proposal, micro-credits are provided from that money box. The intention is that these parents can pay (part of) the school fees themselves, so that other children receive help.

The parents of these children receive training in various subjects, such as parenting, conflict management, cooperation in the family and with the school. They also learn how to set up small projects so that the family income can improve and gradually contribute to school costs.

Amerongen –> Rwanda

During the stay of the group from Amerongen, children’s afternoons were organized for the children of the support fund. What a treat to see the children playing sack races, jumping rope, playing football, coloring, etc. They also received lessons in brushing their teeth and all went home with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Project leader

Sister Marie Josee Niyonsaba



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