Sister Marie-louise about agriculture project

”I get happy when I see people work well together.”

Sister Marie-Louise Niyonsenga

The following article appeared on the website of Kerk in Actie: in response to the support that has been given for years to, among other things, the agricultural project of the sisters in Rwanda; here’s the abbreviated version:

#Kerk in Actie (Church in Action)

Sister Marie-Louise Niyonsenga is part of the management team of the Rwandan community of deaconesses in Rubengera. This community is made up of 40 sisters, good educated, self-confident Rwandan women who are committed to fighting poverty in their country through agriculture, education and health care.

Narrow bonds

The community of deaconesses was established in 1984 at the request of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda. The community has close bonds with the deaconesses in Amerongen; in 1956 the first missionary deaconess went from Amerongen to Rwanda.
From the Netherlands we mainly support the agricultural work of the deaconesses in Rwanda. Every year 150 farmers and ranchers learn new agricultural techniques.

Called by God

Sister Marie-Louise Niyonsenga follows daily life in the deaconess community and coordinates all activities and projects. She represents the deaconesses of Abaja ba Kristo (Servants of Christ) in Rwanda and abroad. “I was by God called to do this work. He shows his great love through his Son, who He has sent to us to redeem us. That’s why I’m happy to employ myself of Him and that I may serve others.”

Neat and according to plan

Sister Marie-Louise is touched when she sees how the sisters’ work is developing in different regions of Rwanda. “I like to walk around to see things that are moving forward, that are well organized. I am satisfied when we have achieved our results based on our plans and goals.”

Good teamwork

It makes her happy when she sees that people work well together. “After all, it brings better results if people share their skills, experience and talents with each other. Good teamwork reduces stress. Achieving a good result together gives a whole team great satisfaction.”

Message from Sister Marie-Louise

For Christians in the Netherlands, she has the following message: ‘First of all, I would like to greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. I want to thank you for your support to our sister community, through which our sisters are well educated and we can offer our farmers good agricultural training. As sisters, we are very happy about that and we want to continue this connection.
Let us keep our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, even when problems such as wars and climate change increase. More than ever, we are being asked to spread the Light and Love of Jesus Christ and bring peace. May God bless you.’

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