Group trip experiences

Sponsorship orphans

During the stay of the group from Amerongen, some children who lived in the orphan village were visited. It was very touching and impressive to see how urgently support is needed. Poverty is intense and in many families there is no more than 1 meal a day. We are grateful to the sponsor parents who faithfully give their monthly contribution for these children.

Make it happen

Through small financial contributions from the group, we were able to make things happen: an unmarried mother and her little daughter could have a water pipe installed so she no longer has to walk a long way every day to get water. Another mother with three children was helped with an amount to rent a piece of land where she can produce food.

Water pipe

Post card workshop

The sisters’ creativity is reflected in the cards they make.

From the bark of the banana tree, which they dry and clean, they make the most beautiful cards. The Christmas cards are already in abundance and can be ordered via Sister Dorien.

With these cards, the sisters in Rwanda generate their own income, which in turn is used for the projects they develop in their area.

Indatwa school

How great it was to have two great afternoons with the children who came from the poorest families. After the teeth brushing lessons, we played various games. The Indatwa school has become a beautiful school, but a lot of money is still needed to furnish all the classrooms and the kitchen where the meal the children receive at school can be prepared. The need for this meal was obvious during these afternoons, which fell during the school holidays. There were children who were hungry, because during the holidays the meal they get at school is missing. Therefore, support to enable this poorest group of children to go to school is badly needed. The parents of these children are in self-help groups and follow training with the aim that the parents gradually gain more income and will be able to help pay for school expenses.

A member of the group was able to give a nice amount for the support fund, from which the expenses for these children are paid. Donations for this fund are very welcome!!!


In water supply, people depend on pumps to pump water. But this is not enough. Permission has now been granted from the government for the reinstatement of a water point that is now out of use. This will hopefully be sorted out in the near future.

Rainwater is collected in large tanks, which are particularly well filled during the rainy season. This water is used to flush the toilets.

During our trip, it did not rain, but we did not experience any water shortage.

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