Postcards campaign 2019-EN


The Community of Sisters design and produce their own postcards in African style. The Cards are handmade from authentic materials as bananaleaves and glue from the manioc flowers. The craftsmen and women are selfsupporting by this production of cards. They even manage to gain a margin for the Deaconesses. The Deaconesses use this margin to support the vulnerable community in the area..


Postcards can be ordered yearround. In the period from August until November 2019 they run a special campaign to support sales. New in this campaign is:

  • Cards can ordered in sets of 4 through an Online Order Form
  • New designs are made in 9 different Themes
  • It is also possible to assemble your own unique postcard. Write your story or wish and the Rwandan designer will make a card special for you
  • Cards are distributed unto your house. 1-1½ month delivery time.
  • Every card encloses a small flyer explaining the receiver that he/she serves a good cause by receiving the card and undertsnads that the cards are made with personal dedication
  • The order handling is done from Rwanda. Clients receive messages at: 1. Order received; 2. Cards are produced; 3. Cards are shipped in a batch to final country; 4. Distributors in different countries will take care for the last step to be sure that the packages reaches you.
  • Cards are sold per set of 4 cards at a price of €10,-



Below the overview of the sets with postcards:

Set 1. Christmas

 Set 2. Christmas

Set 3. Non-Christian Christmas

Set 4. Wedding & graduation

Set 5. Feel better

Set 6. Birthday & celebration

Set 7. Birth Baptism

Set 8. Condoleance

Set 9. General occasion

Set 10. Personally designed for you


At high volume you receive a discharge:
Above 50 cards, 10%;
Above 500 cards, 15%;
Above 1000 cards, 20%.

Next to the postcards, deaconesses also make neckless and bracelets of different lengths. If you are interested you can contact infozustersinrwandanl.

The Deaconesses are very thankful to the clients that support through the cards. It helps to spread the word in all places in the world. This project gains 8% of the turnover for the Deaconesses in Rwanda. With the campaign hopefully it can increase above 10%.